Season Finale!

The Emilys explore the self-loathing and shame that can oftentimes accompany GUILT. The hosts differentiate between proportionate normal guilt versus the disproportionate kind.  Are you punishing yourself? We’re trained to bully ourselves we’re not trained to look inside and be okay with what’s in there or be okay with making mistakes. 

Challenge: Do one of the guided visualizations discussed in this episode and see if it lightens your sense of guilt, if only for a moment.

2 thoughts on “Season Finale!

  1. Hello Emily & Emily!

    Thank you for adding me to hear your podcast. I love your energy and take on different topics. I was listening to the guilt episode and I was waiting on the part about shame. I know guilt derives from shame. And that underlying shame hinders us from our growth. And sometime the shame is hidden and manifests itself as guilt. Just wanted to reach out and hear your take on it.


    1. Hi Jill!

      I’m hoping it’s better late than never to reply to your wonderful question. I’m only just realizing that you had posted a comment after listening to the season finale. Shame and guilt are such heavy emotions and they so often go hand in hand. Sometimes in session I say that shame and guilt are like cousins that bully you into feeling badly about yourself. It’s going to affect you, but we can also grow to learn how to stand behind ourselves and love ourselves as imperfect human beings.

      Hope that gets at what you were asking. Hope you’re doing okay during this crazy covid time.

      xo Emily K

      Hope you’re doing

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