Cuz We Are Living in a Consumerist World…

…and we are (trying not to be) material girls. Amazon, takeout, buy-with-one-click, oh my! It’s a money-guzzling jungle out there. The hosts try to be honest with their materialistic ways in this episode while also exploring ways to stay grounded in the world of one-day shipping and our general confusion between wants and needs.

Season 3 Finale!

Dear listeners, this season was produced during the pandemic. We thought it might be pretty hard but, we’re getting better at recording and we LOVE this podcast, so it was a joy to do. We’ll end with this– “everybody has a life, but not everybody knows how to live it.” Go, let your souls shine! We believe in you. Big (covid safe) hugs, Emily K. and Emily O.

Ram Dass

Ram was enlightened AF. The Emilys discuss his life after discovering meditation and spirituality. Ram said, “People don’t seem to know that they are soul. We pinch ourselves to know we’re alive in this life. The soul is in the heart level. That’s the entry point.” The hosts couldn’t agree more.

Resources: ramdass.org; beherenownetwork.com, Going Home on Netflix

Vision Boards

The episode that’s been talked about since season one! Emily O. has had a vision board since she was 20. Emily K. has seen it work with clients and has one herself. These special boards help to bring our attention, even subconsciously, to our biggest desires/goals/dreams/plans and help them come to fruition. The Emilys offer suggestions on how to make a vision board, and also share intimate details about their current boards. Hopefully, this episode will inspire you to make your own.